All Things Autumn

Now we’ve made it to autumn gone are the summer dresses and bright colours, with sweater dresses, boots and brown colour schemes making their way to the top of everyone’s news feeds. Pinterest in particular really gets me into the autumn spirit, with aesthetic images, hot drinks and warm clothes making themselves known on my homepage. It’s as though everyone has been given an invisible starting point in a race and once it gets to that time, gone are the summer images and in are the autumnal celebrations. Everyone has their own opinions on autumn and what they like or dislike about the season, so here I thought I would share my favourite parts about this time of year and tell you why autumn is the best season by far.

Autumn is one of my favourites times of the year. Especially seeing as though I am not a huge fan of the UK sun, it always seems too humid and stifling compared to the languorous heat you find abroad. Autumn comes at the perfect time where the summer has gone on too long and you’ve had one too many BBQ’s or frightful glimpses of shirtless strangers walking through the streets. Even though I hardly get to see any daylight, what with working full time, thanks to the days being short and the nights long. And then of course there is the chilly air, making it so much harder to get out of your warm and cosy bed in the mornings (but then again the feeling of shock you get when your feet touches the cold floor is better than any alarm!). Ok, so it’s my favourite time of the month, doesn’t mean I like everything about it.

But then come along the woolly scarves, hats and comfy coats that make you feel like a living snowman, without the freezing snow. Trying to match your scarf to your outfit and then giving up in favour of comfort. Plus, despite tackling the issue of unravelling multiple layers from your body everyday once you get home, sitting curled up in front of a warm fire and watching a movie is the perfect ending to a cold day.

There’s so much to love about autumn and that’s just the start. Walks with the dog and feeling that crunch of leaves under your feet really is an experience you only get at this time of the year. Having a hot chocolate, or in my case green tea, to warm yourself up after being outside is a great feeling. Having the hot beverage leave a warm trail down your throat that gradually heats up your insides and leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable.

In my house, once we hit that cold weather it’s the start of our roast dinners every Sunday until spring. Sunday dinner once again making its reappearance after a long summer of salads and BBQ’s is like a breath of fresh air and the official marker of the lead up to Christmas.

What is autumn to you? Is there any part of the season you like the most?

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