Simply Chole

Learning to Love Cooking

As I’ve probably mentioned in my previous posts, I wasn’t always cooking’s biggest fan. But this past year I have come to enjoy cooking and all things kitchen related, believe it or not. It had given me a way to enjoy something different in my life that I didn’t have previously. Sounds corny I know, but even a simple thing like cooking has provided me with an new outlet to explore that makes me feel relaxed and even entertained. It’s’ definitely better than sitting in front of my laptop or the TV as soon as I get home and staying there until I go to sleep. (I think both my mum and dad will agree with that). Either way, I have found that there are plenty of ways to enjoy cooking and numerous reasons why you should start.




For a start, I have found that it is both relaxing and efficient. Even if you haven’t started cooking for any other reason than you wanted to, it helps you get organised for the week ahead and soon enough ends up playing an important part in your everyday life.


Surprisingly, it has helped me become more creative. Cooking is a cool way to explore any creativeness you have by making different recipes and coming up with your own. Plus, it’s always an advantage when you get good feedback from your tasters and receive the occasional wanderer sniffing around the kitchen watching you cook. Although I’m not going to lie, I am quite selfish when it comes to my food, so anything I cook is mainly for me to enjoy! Think of me as Joey from Friends- I don’t share food (ask my family).


Feeling good about yourself and what you are doing doesn’t require a reason or explanation, if it’s something you enjoy doing then it should only matter to you and no one else. This is an important one to me, I may not be a master chef but I enjoy the process of making something and have discovered that whatever I make always tastes better than something I haven’t. Unless its a Chinese takeaway, for obvious reasons.


Being a book lover of all shapes and sizes, it comes as no surprise that one of my favourite parts of cooking is the cook books themselves. If your stuck in book limbo or feel like you need to take a break from any serious reading, then pick up a cookbook. Trust me, they’re fascinating! Learning the ways food can come together and how certain recipes are prepared is something I find really interesting. The first cookbooks I fully read were; Justine Pattison, Without The Calories and Joe Wicks, Lean in 15. I chose these two books when I first began to change my eating habits and I continue to use recipes from both to this day. For anyone looking to try their hand at cooking and enjoy healthier everyday meals, then I highly recommend trying these two. Pattison in particular has become a fast favourite of mine when it comes to easy to follow recipes and delicious food as a result.


Also, if you’re in the UK and enjoy cooking, I highly recommend watching The Great British Bake Off. May be going slightly off topic here, but the latest series has just ended and I am still all caught up in the hype of this show! Since I have started cooking and trying my hand at some amateur bakes, I have become even more obsessed. Watching the bakers show their skills and come up with mouth watering creations is so good. Almost better than watching their reactions when something goes wrong. Either way, watching people bake leaves me feeling incredibly envious and oddly satisfied at the same time.


Do you enjoy cooking? If so, how did you start?