The Flawesome Award

As this is the first time I have been invited to do a blog nomination award, I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to be writing this post!

The Flawesome Award is all about celebrating your flaws and turning them into strengths. Writing this was more difficult than I thought it would be as I struggled to narrow down my flaws to just three. But that’s why this award is so great, as your weaknesses are also your strengths.

Flawesome AwardRules;

  1. Link back to the creator
  2. Display the award
  3. List 3 flaws and turn it into a strength
  4. Tag 10 other people


Before I dive into my wonderful flaws, thanks to Chloe Chats for nominating me and through the nomination, introducing me to this clever idea for an award that Sophia Ismaa created.

Being a new blogger, (as in weeks old- I’m basically a foetus) I had no clue when I first properly started blogging how cool and supportive the blogging community would be and how instantly welcomed I felt from the very first post. I’m happy I took the jump and am now apart of it all! Anyways enough of all that, here are my 3 flaws;



I have this incessant need to be in control

  • My family goes on about this to me all the time as it drives them crazy. They tell me to chill out when I get upset or agitated when no one has or follows a set plan on our holidays and days out. Truth is, I know I get worked up when I shouldn’t but I honestly cannot help it. I hate the unknown and not feeling secure with what’s going to happen.


  • Helps when organising meetups with friends, especially my uni friends as we literally live all over the place! Getting together is so hard now we’ve left university, but organising our meet ups means that we see each other plenty throughout the year. My flaw has also definitely helped my organisational skills when it comes to my job and anything else I find myself doing. I always know what I need to do to prepare myself for the day, say for a day trip or an interview.


Value others opinions too much

  •   I have recognised for the majority of my life that I care way too much about others opinions, on my clothes, appearance, how I talk, what I say and how I present myself in general. Unfortunately this even affects my writing and sometimes prevents me from writing what I really want to. I often get paranoid over my work and question how people will react to it or if they consider it any good. Basically I tend to base most of what I do in consideration of how others will perceive it instead of valuing my own opinion over theirs.


  • In a weird paradox, my flaw has allowed me to evaluate myself and improve on things like my confidence, speaking out more and becoming more comfortable with who I am as a person. Although it is most definitely one of my flaws, it is also my strength as looking at myself from others perspectives has helped me realise things I like about myself and understand that I don’t need to change things because others might not like them.


Constantly overthinking

  • I am terrible with this. When I say I overthink everything, I mean everything. All the possibilities of what could happen if I do this or that, what if I do something wrong or if I should even try at all. There’s so much happening in my brain that it takes a while to turn off at night, apparently I get this from my mum (thanks Andrea!).


  • Definitely helped me with my writing as I can process all the ways of articulating what it is I want to project and how to put feelings and situations into words. Funnily enough it also helps me understand a situation better and figure out my own response. Thinking so much gives me an opportunity to evaluate what it is I want to do and what it is I am good at, its one of the reasons I got back into writing in the first place.



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*If anyone nominated has already done the award, I didn’t realise but don’t worry about having to do it again. Also, please don’t feel like you need to participate if you do not want to.

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “The Flawesome Award

  1. Aww congratulations on your first award! I agree with all that you said, and you beautifully put it into something that can be used as a positive! I really have a hard time with allowing things to be out of my control 😂 I HATE IT! But I constantly stress! So I know there’s no point. 🤦 Great post!


  2. Woow I like how you beautifully put all these and turned them into something good. Well, I am also an overthinker and at the same A controlling girl. Literally, I want to be in control of everything and if things don’t turn out the way I wanted It pisses me off. Nice post, Chloe.


    1. Thank you 😊 completely agree, if things are out of my control I turn into a completely different person! So much easier if I’m in control and know what’s happening!


  3. Congratulations! You did a great job of seeing how your flaws are also strengths. I tend to be an over thinker too, it can be exhausting! It has gotten better as I’ve gotten older, if that’s makes you feel any better. 😊


  4. Congratulations on your Flawesome Award, Chloe! You really explained both sides so well. Overthinking is a real problem for me at times and yet it’s a real advantage at other times when lots of analysis is needed! I think there is much power and beauty hidden in our perceived faults and flaws. Well done for demonstrating that so beautifully.
    I also want to say you’re doing a great job with your blog and keep up the good work!
    Hanna Rose
    Latest Blog Post: Christmas Blog Post Ideas Part. 3


  5. I love the idea of taking something you worry about and turning it into a strength, thank you so much for the nomination, I’ll have to put my positive thinking hat on 😊 x


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