5 Dream Winter Destinations

As everyone knows, winter is such an idyllic time with Christmas vibes running wild and cosy nights in quickly becoming a favourite pastime. This is also the time of year where holiday destinations change from sun seeking to hunting for the perfect winter wonderland. I personally have always wanted to somewhere during winter that is so in tune with Christmas and all of winters wonders, but as life happens to do, time has gotten away from me time and time again. Despite this, I have an internal list of places I would go to that look unreal and beyond Instagram worthy, so I thought why not share these magical places with a few friends.





Northern lights are of course the first on my list. We’ve all heard the stories, seen the awe inspiring photos and film representations, imagine what it would be like to experience it for yourself in person. To me, winter is the perfect time to visit. With plenty of snow laden landscapes painting the perfect picture of a true winter wonderland. Frozen lakes, waterfalls and many more provide an epic beauty that has to be seen to be appreciated (hence why I want to go so bad). But it’s also a place of adventure and the perfect destination to try your hand at a snowmobile, cross country skiing and even dog sledding. Luckily for me I am up for all of those things!




A city break in Germany during wintertime is arguably when its at its best. Snow always makes things seem more magical but snow on top of beautiful historical architecture is something else entirely. The whole scene is romantic, cultural and historical. As for myself, I find myself attracted to places that are full of culture, history and architecture so this sounds like my ideal destination. Anywhere you go in Germany you will be treated to something the country does best, Christmas markets. Full of mulled wine, Bratwurst and cute themed stalls, Germany is surrounded by Christmas vibes from the beginning to the end of the winter season.

My top place to visit would be Munich, as it is ideal for some sightseeing and culture, with the Munich Residenz, Nymphenburg Palace and many more well known tourist spots.




This is another popular winter destination that really ticks all the boxes! With stunning scenery, beautiful architecture and a winter vibe, Austria is full of wonders that fulfills any travellers expectations, so it’s no wonder that it made my list. As a capital city, Vienna does well to provide culture, history, beauty and entertainment. And in wintertime all of this gets exaggerated with wonderful results. Christmas markets can be found in quaint streets, with a variety of drinks, food and trinkets that are sure to get you into the Christmas spirit and make you feel like you’re in a movie.

Now, Hallstatt has been on my bucket list for awhile now and here’s why. It’s likely that the majority of us have seen the Instagram photos, clearly seeming to be photoshopped to idyllic perfection (check out the above image!). But no, this really is Hallstatt. Seriously. There are so many romantic buildings perched on the mountain side overlooking an extraordinary lake. Even if you only go for one night, this is definitely a place to make memories especially being draped in clean white snow with the mountain as a backdrop. Definitely somewhere I have to go sometime soon.



Lapland, Finland

I couldn’t miss this one out!  We actually went as a family when I was younger, around 12 years old and it was one of the best experiences of my life. We mainly went for my younger sisters to see Father Christmas- which even being 12 I can say was cool, but for me it was more of the atmosphere and presence of the places we went that really stood out and made the whole thing amazing.  Even though its cold the majority of the time in the UK, this does not mean we see a lot of snow. I can remember bundling up in the blue and red snowsuits they made us wear and crunching through the snow with my moon boots. We only went for a few days but that’s all you really need as we did so much.

It’s strange because sometimes, as I’m looking back I have to try and think really hard if what happened was reality or something I’ve taken form a film. I like to think that we did everything we could do as it’s unlikely any of us would have the chance to go back, which is sad. From dog sledding to ice skating and exploring local villages, it really was a once in a lifetime experience that I don’t feel like I could recreate but I wholeheartedly recommend to any one else who hasn’t been before. And even though I have already been, it will forever be on my list of winter destinations because it truly was magical.




Another one on my bucket list. For me, Russia’s beauty is all in its display of history with imperial architecture and cultural nods to the past. But in winter, this is the time when the country truly transforms into a wonderland. St. Petersburg is a hotbed for exquisite buildings and elegant bridges that stretch over frozen canals that glitter around the edges that are lines with winter snow. Yes I’ll admit I’m basing my judgment entirely upon pictures, but look up St. Isaac’s Cathedral and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Has anyone visited any of these places? Where else would you like to go?


19 thoughts on “5 Dream Winter Destinations

  1. I haven’t visited any of these but they are all on my dream destination list too! Definitely want to go see the Northern Lights, would be such a magical experience, would love to go check out the German markets too, this is a fab list – I want to visit all of them!!

    Chloe xx


    1. Literally visited 1 of these! Definitely taking more time then I should but I’ll
      visit them all one day 😂 thanks for commenting x


  2. YES to all of these destinations! Berlin at Christmas time would be a dream for me, and New York because who doesn’t want to spend a Christmas in New York, it looks magical! Though I suppose it’s not really a winter destination… idk. Either way, now I want to go on holiday!! x


    1. New York would be amazing! Especially if it snowed, then it would be the perfect trip before Christmas ❄️ feel like it’s a trip that fits in all year round. Same, I got really restless writing this! X


    1. I bet they would be amazing at that time of year! I love Christmas markets and I’ve heard good things about the ones in Austria and Germany


    1. They do look amazing don’t they?! I know what you mean about Russia, but the culture and history fascinates me so much I had to put it on 😊 x


  3. As a virtual non-traveller I enjoy reading travel blogs to save the bother/expense of actually going 🙂 I must admit however that I still have good memories of a school ski-ing trip to Austria many years ago. I hope you get to fulfill at least some of your travel wishes Chloe.


    1. Thank you! I do too, need to start sorting things out sooner and stop putting work above everything else. Thank you for commenting 😊


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