Looking Back At 2018

Sometimes it’s slightly overwhelming looking back over the past year and thinking that it’s one more year over and done with. One more year that’s passed us by in a blink of an eye. Occasionally in the past when it comes to the end of a year I take a look back and realise not much has happened, or nothing of any significance anyway. Yet 2018 feels different than the rest, more pivotal.

Surviving Book Withdrawals

Any book lover worth their salt has experienced those dreaded book withdrawals. When twisting plotlines, emotional scenes, quality characters and intense cliff hangers have taken you on an emotional journey of epic proportions. You can't help but feel emotionally drained after all of that. I myself get incredibly invested in every book I read, to the extent that I'm balling my eyes out with every character death, laughing at witty monologue and pining after every heart wrenching hero/heroine.

Next To Never by Penelope Douglas

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I read this being completely familiar with the Fall Away world. So reading how Jared, Tate, Madoc etc grew up into adults and how they act as parents was so surreal and interesting. I was never Madocs’ dad (Jason) and Jared’s mothers (Katherine) biggest fan. I was the reader rooting for the teenage rebellion against the messed up adults. But this book provided a great backstory to how they both came to be and the strength of their connection to each other.