Looking Back At 2018


Sometimes it’s slightly overwhelming looking back over the past year and thinking that it’s one more year over and done with. One more year that’s passed us by in a blink of an eye. Occasionally in the past when it comes to the end of a year I take a look back and realise not much has happened, or nothing of any significance anyway. Yet 2018 feels different than the rest, more pivotal. I’m talking about accomplishments, milestones, times where I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone and taken a risk or began the first steps towards my future. Either way, I feel like this year feels particularly different from the rest and should be acknowledged in paving the way for 2019.


2018 post




Oh yes, this is the year I finally upgraded and bought my own car. I cannot express how excited I was to do this, it felt like another step I had taken into adulthood- for better or for worse, only time will tell. I’ve been driving for 4 years now but the car I had was my first and was bought by my parents. It was just a basic, Ford Ka that did its job well and never let me down. But bless her, she was more than a little past her prime.

After gaining a full time job this year, I was in a better position to upgrade and this time round, it was all on me. Knowing this car is all mine from the steering wheel to the engine, how I’ve gotten to a place where I’m in a position to buy a car at all is a huge accomplishment for me. This feeling stems from yet another adult milestone I’ve reached and surpassed. Plus, the new car is so pretty!


Started saving for a house

Now I’d like to say I’m a decent saver in general and do well managing money, but that’s just everyday savings. This year I decided it was time to get serious and start saving for my future. God I sound so mature and sensible, it’s sickening.

But literally near enough every one of my friends has gotten their first house or is close to getting one so it’s probably best I at least make a start, right? However you look at it, 2018 was the focal point where I started making inroads to building a future for myself and when I finally started feeling like a grown up. Or as much as I could feel like one despite not understanding half of what was going on at the appointment with my bank (seriously, it made my head hurt).


Watched my favourite artist live

Literally. Could. Not. Breathe.

I have loved Taylor Swift ever since I saw her singing Love Story in between programmes on the Disney channel when I was younger. From when she was a country singer to when she went into pop, she is a song writing genius. (I dare anyone to argue, this is one point I will not budge. Seriously).

Anyway, my sister surprised me with tickets to her Redemption stadium tour in Manchester during June for my birthday. She completely won birthdays for the whole year, maybe longer. And it was amazing, there wasn’t one point where we weren’t dancing and singing the lyrics to all the songs. I loved it. Back on track, this deserved to be on my accomplishments in 2018 list as I have no idea when I’ll ever watch her live again and it was so good it just has to be marked down somewhere.


Took steps towards building a career

As I’ve mentioned before, this was the year I started my first full time job and entered the adult world of employment. Taking the first steps into a career and marking my first year as a non-student has been a big change and complete readjustment. It’s like everything I’ve been doing this past year has been towards building the foundations for my personal future. (Que panic attack.)


Started blogging!

Yep that’s right, 2018 is the year where I finally started Simply Chloe. My own personal creative outlet where I’m happy to share my general meanderings with whoever finds themselves on these pages.

It’s so weird to think that without my new job I maybe would have never been introduced to the blogosphere and there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have started blogging at all. But I was and I did. I love how this past year has been the setting where I break outside of my comfort zone and try something different. Usually I would imagine how good it would be to do something but never actually do it. Not this time though. It’s like I started by dipping in my toes and now I’ve dived straight in!


There is so much more I have accomplished and done in 2018 then I have in past years, I love it! Now I’ve taken a look back, it’s time to look ahead and prepare myself for what 2019 has in store.


I’d love to hear what you’ve accomplished in 2018! What was your favourite part of the year or best memory?


30 thoughts on “Looking Back At 2018

  1. Wow, what an amazing year you’ve had! That’s so exciting you got your own car! I got my restricted license this year and buying a car has been on my to do list ever since! Hope you have a great rest of your year and a happy 2019!

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    1. Thanks! Congrats on getting your license, I hope you’ll get one soon! Have a good year- what’s left of it and a happy 2019 to you too 😊


  2. You’ve done so much with your year, you should be very proud of yourself. I am especially impressed with you saving money for a house/your future. I think that’s really admirable and I am sure that it will more than pay off. Also congratulations on your job, and your car! And I bet Taylor was amazing live. I’m not a huge fan but I can imagine she puts on quite the show!
    Hope that 2019 brings you just as many great things 🙂
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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    1. Thank you 😊 She was amazing, best concert I’ve been too! Fingers crossed, 2019 will be just as good if not better. Thanks for commenting x


  3. Some really great achievements here – especially getting your own car!! that’s huge and I totally know what you mean when you said it feels like an adult milestone. I want to start taking lessons and I’ve also been saving as much as possible so hopefully I’ll be in a similar position as you next year sometime! Thanks for sharing xx

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    1. Thanks! You’ll get there, it’s good you’ve started saving now because when you’re ready you won’t have to wait too long to start 😊 thanks for commenting x


  4. Wow, it sounds like you have had an amazing year with so many great accomplishments Chloe! Getting your own car, building a career and saving for a house are all big things! I’m glad you had such a wonderful time seeing Taylor Swift too, it is always a dream come true when we get to see our favourites perform live. Thanks for sharing, lovely post, I hope 2019 is just as awesome for you! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  5. Congratulations on your accomplishments! You sound very driven and responsible & you should be proud! My daughter is following a similar path and we are so proud of her, as you should be of yourself!

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  6. Congrats on all you’ve accomplished! My biggest accomplishment was finishing my Master’s degree, but other highlights include going to South Africa and seeing my favorite artist live too (Billy Talent)! x

    Rachel | anotherstationanothermile.com

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    1. Wow that’s amazing! Well done on your Masters! You sound like you’ve done your fair share of accomplishments this year too 😊 x


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