Getting Organised, Calendar Style


I cannot tell you how much I love a good calendar. I’ve never been a particular enthusiast of the new year hype, but there’s something to be said of preparing for a fresh year. One that’s been untouched by frustration, questions about the future, career highs and lows as well as personal achievements or dilemmas. In a way it signifies a whole new start and the next chapter in our life. This is why even if I’m not feeling the new year excitement, a new calendar always gives me the much needed motivation to truly begin the next year.


calendar 4


Organising life one calendar at a time…

My past calendars have included personal favourites of mine such as; Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries (starting to see a theme here?). This year it’s a Friends calendar thanks to Netflix reigniting my Friends obsession. Every calendar I have has been found on Amazon or on a market stall somewhere, they are so easy to get a hold of and the options are endless! I feel like having a calendar of your choice also brings a personal touch into your space as it shows on of your interests and is something to enjoy looking at everyday. Sort of like an adult version of a poster in our room. And I have to admit, knowing I have something hanging on my wall in my room is a reassurance, especially if your an organised person like me who is also very forgetful.


calendar 2


Here’s my calendar back when I worked in retail and my hours varied each week (excuse my scruffy handwriting). I would write them all down so I could easily keep track of my coming and goings. This also helped to keep on top of how much I was being paid and if I was getting paid correctly. Say I worked overtime one week, but forgot what hours I worked for that week when it came to being paid at the end of the month. I found that maintaining my hours on a calendar was an incredibly resourceful way to keeping my finances on track as well as being useful in tracking my days off, so that when I made plans it was easy to know if and when I was free.


calendar 3



It’s a great way to get yourself sorted for the new year, writing anything important such as birthdays, existing appointments or deadlines is a simple but effective way to plan ahead and make sure you are ready (or will be), for any upcoming events. I like to keep appointments such as doctors, dentist, eyebrow (because this is one that cannot be missed. Seriously), hair and bank meetings on my calendar space. It is especially useful if these appointments are made months or weeks in advance. As I don’t see my university friends as much now we are all back at home and spread out over the country, making plans means organising things weeks ahead. This is where my calendar comes into play.


I personally feel refreshed after hanging a new calendar on my wall, as though it is an official start to a new year. Although I also own a journal in which I keep my general to do lists and other monthly things, sometimes it is easier to have something permanently there to remind you of day to day plans and it helps me work towards any goals I may have.


I wonder if anyone else feels better and ready to take on the new year after starting a new calendar, or is that just me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Getting Organised, Calendar Style

  1. Love the Friends calendar! I personally don’t use wall calendars myself, I’m more about calendar apps but I will say I’ve seen a few people setting up their yearly wall calendars and I’m liking the idea of it more and more! Maybe I’ll add one to my house when I eventually move out! x

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    1. Haha thanks! I tried a calendar app once but it didn’t stick 🙈 I have a weird love for wall calendars. Thanks for commenting x


  2. Confession time: I don’t think I’ve ever used a wall calendar. I can’t actually believe I’m saying that. But I love planners and diaries and setting those up for the year so I can definitely relate to this. I had so much fun setting mine up this year. I really like the layout of the Friends one, it’s nice to see one with a slightly different layout x


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    1. I also love diaries but when I had one last year I used it for a while month and then forgot I had it 🙈 I just find it so much easier to have something where I can see it everyday. And thanks, it’s definitely different to any other calendars I’ve had before! Thanks for commenting 😊 x


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