Fancy A Cuppa? A Shibui Tea Bags Review

I love a good cup of tea, as stereotypically British as that is, it’s my drink of choice. I have one in the morning before I start my day, occasionally at work when I can and at night after I get home. So when I received some sample pyramid tea bags from Shibui Tea to taste and review, I cannot tell you how happy I was to try some new flavours. And broaden my horizons, if you will.


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Hi Mr. Postman

Is it just me who gets excited when they see their name on the post and know it’s not a bill or bank notice? So you can imagine my face when my dad told me that there was a package addressed to me at the front door.

Arriving through the post, the samples were accompanied with a branded cardboard coaster that I thought was a great personal addition and a piece of card that informed me about the product and the different flavours. Next step was a little tasting session in preparation for this review. Don’t mind if I do!


Shibui Leaf Tea Bags

A great aspect of this product is that the tea bags are wrapped in a sealed compostable bag that can be thrown into your food waste or compost heap, making it environmentally friendly which is a definite plus. Similarly with the tea bags themselves, these are all biodegradable and can be put into your food waste after use. It’s great to see a product that is good for the environment and easily recyclable.

But what I liked the most was that I could reuse the tea bag more than once and the flavour was still there and didn’t fade after the first cup. I probably filled my mug twice with hot water before throwing the bag away.


Sample review, Shibui Tea Bags, tea flavours, tea bag review


A Tea for Every Day

Encased in a pyramid shaped bag, the flavours given to me where; Mulled Spice Organic, Tropical Green, Gingerbread, Matcha & Sencha Organic, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Rooibos & Orange Organic and Chocolate & Ginger.

The Tropical Green tea has more of a mellow taste than regular Green Tea which has a stronger metallic flavour. I really enjoyed this one and found it a very relaxing cup that had a refreshingly lemony smell to it. Now I’m not really one for fruity, floral or herbal flavoured teas so I didn’t know what to expect when trying some of the more exotic (for me anyways) tea bags.

Enter tea bag number two, this position was taken by the Mulled Spice tea bag. The smell was a lot stronger than the taste, which suited me fine. My sister described it as potpourri so that’s what I’m going to go with. It was a lot blander than I expected due to the scent but I enjoyed it all the same. I much prefer a subtle tea over one that has my taste buds tingling with a complicated mix of over-infused flavour.

Since I’m on a health kick I’ve heard some talk of how matcha is suppose to be good for you, so I was happy to give this one a go. The Matcha & Sencha tea bag itself has more of an earthy taste that is subtle and not overwhelming. Definitely one I’ll drink again to help with my goal of living a more healthy lifestyle.

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Gingerbread so this wasn’t one I was most looking forward to trying. With this being said, it was a lot nicer than I expected. Both the Gingerbread infused tea bags and Rooibos & Orange were slightly different to the rest in flavour but I’d recommend them to any tea lover who enjoys a sweet hot drink.

As for the Chocolate & Ginger tea bag, you have to wait awhile for the tea to soak but you do get a hint of chocolate at the end.

Luckily the Earl Grey and English Breakfast tea didn’t stray too far from the traditional taste. What more can you ask for in a cup of tea?
tea bag review, sample review, tea bag flavours, Shibui tea bags



As I said I’m a huge Green Tea lover so the Tropical Green was obviously my favourite, with the Mulled Spice a close second which was a surprise as it wasn’t one I was most attracted to in the beginning. Another surprise was the Matcha & Sencha flavour, I loved the earthy taste although the smell wasn’t for me.

In all, despite the varied combinations these are all fairly diluted flavours that work well to warm you up on cold nights.

So there you have it, my review of Shibui Tea pyramid tea bags all finished and tied off with a neat little bow. For any fellow tea lovers out there, I kid you not when I say these are some tasty teas.

Did you enjoy the review? What’s your favourite flavoured tea?


*For this post I received free samples from the brand in exchange for honest feedback.

10 thoughts on “Fancy A Cuppa? A Shibui Tea Bags Review

  1. I’ve never heard of that company or brand before but I’m so glad you had the chance to review them! I love t’s that last longer than just one cup! The matcha and sencha as well as the chocolate and Ginger sounded the most interesting to me. I love matcha! I love the earthy taste of it ☺️ I think your review was excellent!

    Geraldine |

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