8 Things I Didn’t Know Before Blogging


When you start something new there are always things to discover and learn that makes everyday different. Blogging is no different. Despite still being relatively new at this whole blogging thing, I have learnt so much in so little time. That’s the good thing, as the blogging world is constantly moving, evolving and switching directions that no one day is ever the same. As soon as you start to feel a bit of a blogging lull, you’ll read a post or tweet or be involved in a discussion and suddenly you’ve changed course. You’ll read a conversation about a subject you have no idea about, blogging lingo you try to wrap your head around and countless design opinions on how you blog should or shouldn’t look.

For me it’s simple, every time blogging changes or introduces me to something new is another day where I feel excitement at being a part of it all, even in a small way. So with this all being said, here are 8 things I didn’t know before I started blogging.


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The blogging community

I had no idea how many bloggers there were until I got on Twitter and was quickly welcomed as a newbie. My knowledge of blogging was pretty basic at first and to an extent it still is, but with such a supportive community I am learning new things everyday. For one, I had no clue what niche’s existed and how big of a following each one had. If you’re a new blogger that isn’t on Twitter then I wholeheartedly suggest you do so, you’ll find so much support and even get advice from other bloggers.


How to build a following

I still don’t know how it happened but I’m doing it somehow. I’m finding that through Twitter I am learning so much and finding myself as a blogger, my confidence is growing and I’m making new friends everyday! It is so exciting reaching a milestone and experiencing that feeling of being proud of yourself for accomplishing something to do with your blog. I’ve found that the main thing you can do is be yourself, show you passion for blogging (no matter what niche you are) and people will want to follow your page and keep up to date with your posts.


How much fun it is to review books

I’ve always had a passion for reading and I’ve always loved talking about my favourite books, but with no one interested it’s hard to find book lovers like myself around me. So it’s like a breath of fresh air to have a community to talk to and discuss opinions with. I recently tweeted how different I found reading now I started reviewing books, it’s like I have this whole new love for reading. Instead of racing through the content I’m appreciating it more and picking out my favourite parts or those of which I didn’t particularly enjoy. And it is also helping me to broaden my reading habits and slowly try new genres.

Read my reviews on Archangels Prophecy, Daughter or Smoke and Bone, Next to Never and The Cruel Prince.


A purpose for my writing

Blogging has become my creative outlet, one where I strive to produce better content, original images and improved design skills. Not only do I get to write about my favourite thing, books, but people actually read and comment on my posts which is a huge confidence boost. It’s good to have the freedom to write about what you want and the ability to control how that writing is revealed to the online world.


Blogging as a career

I’ve been aware of bloggers before but I never really knew how they started their careers until I took up blogging. Not saying that I’m looking to do so right away, I’m nowhere near ready to become a full time blogger. But the possibility is there and maybe sometime in the future once I’ve learnt more and have a better understanding of how this whole blogging thing works, I’ll look into the option.

Read my post on my blogs one month anniversary.


Twitter as a resource

Did you know there are bloggers who have pages that dedicate themselves to supporting and promoting other boggers through likes, retweets and comment threads? Well I didn’t when I first started. But through these pages I have discovered some of my favourite bloggers and received support from new followers along with fellow bloggers. A platform where the blogging community really comes together. Here are a few of these pages; @theclique_uk, @TeacupClub_, @LittleBlogRTs, @bloggingbeesrt.

Read my tagged posts The Flawesome Award and Blogger Recognition Award.


Importance of supporting other bloggers

Think of it like this, once your post is published how good does it feel to have people like, appreciate and comment? Well other bloggers are probably going through the same emotions with theirs, so it’s good to show a little love in return. The great thing about the blogging community is how friendly and supportive it is, so don’t take advantage of that and give back, even if it’s only a comment or two. Show the blogger that you’ve really read their post, respond to any questions posed and let them know how much you liked it (or didn’t). Being brutally honest, I always read posts but never commented until I started my own blog and realised how much one little comment can make a bloggers day. It’s so important to show support to other bloggers.


Hosted and self hosted options

Ok, so this is something that I have been thinking on a lot lately. I read about it all the time on twitter, different bloggers moving to self hosted sites, wanting to or looking into it. I myself find it confusing no matter how much I research it. There’s just so much to wrap my head around! The idea of having complete control and more options to design your blog how you want it to be is tempting, there’s no doubt. But I feel like I’d need a step by step guide with bullet points, detailed descriptions, pros and cons etc. before I’d even be able to start.


There is so much more that I am learning from blogging and everyday I discover something new that excites me and makes me happy that I am doing something I enjoy.


What are some of the things you didn’t know before you started blogging?


24 thoughts on “8 Things I Didn’t Know Before Blogging

  1. This was a brilliant post! I wrote a similar one about how much I had learnt in three years of blogging, but it’s really interesting to hear from the perspective of someone who has only been doing it for a few months. You’ve certainly learnt more than I did in that time! I didn’t know anything about the blogging community on social media until I was about eighteen months in, and boy do I regret it. Like you said, they’re super supportive!

    The hosting one is SUCH a difficult one to answer. I’m reaching the end of my second year and am about to review for a further two years, and it’s definitely not the cheaper option. I see you’ve already bought some sort of plan through WordPress to remove the .wordpress.com part of your address, but others have said that turns out to be more expensive than going self hosted. I think self hosted is good because you get a lot more for your money; there aren’t plans that provide you with different perks about what you can and can’t do, for example. Instead, you have complete control of your website from the get go, which really helps in terms of monetizing and turning your blog into a career. I also like having this little corner of the internet to myself, that I own in all its entity and it can’t be shut down by anyone at the click of a button.

    Sorry to go into such a ramble there but I hope it helps.


    1. Thank you so much! Wow 3 years, that’s great! I’m leaning more towards self hosting but not just yet, I want to be really organised with my blog before I do anything. This has helped loads, thanks for commenting 😊 x


  2. I love this Chloe, as a fellow blogger I know how hard it can be starting out and finding your feet. I’ve been blogging for years on and off, but now I’m finally focusing on it and giving it the attention it deserves!
    Thanks for this awesome reminder that we are all learning, no matter how long we’ve been doing it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like it 😊 I love that we are constantly all learning from one another, keeps things interesting x


  3. This is a good blog post. I was aware of social media but not all of the in’s and out’s about especially how to follow others. It is a work in progress.
    My goal is to continue to blog about what I like and what I do. That is what keeps me going and to support others in the process.

    Liked by 1 person

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