My January Buys


Like everyone else, for me January is a time where you have no money because Christmas has cleaned you out and payday seems so far away. So it’s unusual for me to buy anything for myself within this time. I mean, after Christmas presents, there shouldn’t be anything else I want right? But this year I surprised everyone by treating myself to a few things, so here are my January buys.


January buys, January haul, shopping


January Buys


January Buys, puffer jacket


At the beginning of February I went to Rome for a few days and couldn’t resist the urge to treat myself with some new warm clothes as the weather wasn’t exactly predicted to be tropical heat.

This jacket was perfect for keeping warm and cosy when walking around the city during the day and even at night. Although it’s not a style I’ve worn before, I really like a good puffer jacket and am very much into this beige colour recently. I got it off one of my favourite online stores called Misguided which never lets me down.


January Buys, jumper, clothes


This off the shoulder warm brown jumper is so comfortable and can be used during the day under a coat or at night paired with some dark jeans and boots. I love how versatile it is and can be worn either off one shoulder or draped loosely on both. It’s a short fit, reaching my hips but it loose enough that it rests comfortable around my middle area. I was definitely glad I brought it with me on my trip as the wind would sometimes get chilly.

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January Buys, books, book lover, Sherlock Holmes


So I recently upgraded my bed and mattress (at last), trust me it was a long time coming. We got my mattress from Costco and when I was there I found myself drawn to the book section. Here I found a beautiful hardback edition of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. As soon as I saw it the book lover in me came out. Other than the popular commercial interpretation of the character portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Downey Jr, I was first introduced to the original stories in university. I quickly fell in love with the mystery and storytelling of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that I wanted to read them all immediately. Unfortunately deadlines and reading lists kept me from following through. So when I spotted this collection of his total works, I couldn’t resist. The metallic gold sprayed edges are so pretty and I love the cover design. It’s probably my first physical book I’ve bought that hasn’t been found on Amazon in a long time.

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January Buys, make up, beauty, concealor, charlotte tilbury


Unfortunately for me I’m not completely in the know when it comes to makeup, even though I’d like to be. But I’ve known that I’ve needed a concealer like, forever. But I really wanted a good quality one for a change, rather than a cheap one I can find off the market. After watching a daily natural glow makeup tutorial I was introduced to the Charlotte Tilbury, The Retoucher concealer stick. Without giving myself time to think (which would undoubtedly start up a debate over whether or not I should spend £25 on one item of makeup) I went online and bought it straight away. It arrived pretty quickly in a boxed wrapped in purple tissue paper, which I thought was pretty damn fancy. Since I’d seen the tutorial I had an idea of how to use it so that wasn’t a problem. I got the Fair 2 shade, but probably should have got the Fair 1 because I’m so light skinned. Despite this it still works great and covers any spots blemishes better than I anticipated it would.


And that’s all there is, may not sound like much but for me it’s more then I would ever buy myself without purpose. But in all honesty I’m glad I did treat myself in January as every purchase turned out to be a great buy and have already seen plenty of use. Still doesn’t mean I’ll do this every month, money doesn’t grow on trees y’know!

What did you buy in January?


7 thoughts on “My January Buys

    1. Thank you! It is sooo comfortable 🙈 it’s my first product from that brand so I didn’t know what to expect but I’m glad I like to too 😊 thanks for commenting lovely x


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