A Self Love Valentine’s Day


To me self love is essentially caring about your own well being and feeling happy about yourself in general. As Valentine’s Day is this hugely marketed time where love for other people is a key focus, I thought why not take the opportunity to spend the day celebrating ourselves rather than other people. With everyday life for a lot of us being about caring for others such as; children, families, friends and partners etc. Taking one day out of the year to be selfish and show yourself some self love really isn’t a bad thing. In my opinion, it’s the furthest thing from bad.

There are so many promotions for Valentine’s Day that more often than not, self love seems to fall through the cracks. But I am fortunate enough to follow a variety of bloggers who I admire that talk about the subject of self love and who inspired me to focus this post on celebrating ourselves and our mental wellbeing. I myself don’t really do a lot of things just for me, so when it came to writing this post I decided to take my own advice and show myself some self love this Valentine’s Day.


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1. Painting your nails

Ok so, I’m going to get a bit girly here but stick with me. The simple act of painting your nails can go a long way in boosting your spirits and making you feel good about yourself. Saying this from experience, I don’t paint my nails often enough but when I do I enjoy that extra pampering and doing something that makes me feel good. So with the idea of showing myself some self love on Valentine’s Day, I treated myself to some new nail polish on a recent shopping trip. The shades I chose where a nude pink and burgundy red. I went for the pink as it makes me feel feminine and I love nude shades in general. As for the red, this is a new colour for me as I feel like it is pretty bold but I love the dark shade and how it makes my nails look.

Now, I don’t usually paint my nails because they are either too short or I find it too much of an upkeep to maintain the polish. But recently I have been able to grow and shape them, making the simple act of painting my nails a leisure. I really enjoy how pampered I feel when my nails are all dressed up. It may be a simple act, but taking care of yourself in some small way such as this one can have a positive impact on your mind and boost your confidence.


a self love valentines day, health, beauty, valentines day, self love


2. Beauty Supplements

Some of you may know that I have decided to look after myself more this year by switching to a healthy lifestyle. And one way to look after myself is to make sure I feel good and improve my well being. So when LQ Liquid Health sent me some samples of their Skin, Hair & Nails supplements, it was the perfect time to try something different. I’ve never taken supplements before so this was a new thing for me, but I was excited to include these into my everyday diet as a way to strengthen and improve my skin, hair and nails.

So in keeping with the theme of self love, I feel like this is a great way to improve my health and beauty regime as well as trying something new. I was given a box of 10×50 ml bottles for me to take once a day. I was pleasantly surprised at the fruity aroma as well as the blackcurrant flavour. Although the liquid supplements have a slightly bitter aftertaste, the bottles themselves aren’t too big so the contents are gone in no time at all. Truth be told, I’m glad I started doing something to take better care of my nails and hair especially, as either aren’t in the best condition they could be.


a self love valentines day, self love, health, beauty, valentines day


Also, LQ Liquid Health have a Valentine’s gift guide that goes live on February 14th if anyone is interested in finding some more health and beauty products for yourself or maybe a significant other.

Usually I feel the need to have a reason to treat myself and those reasons often have little to do with taking care of myself or my body. But I’ve come to realise that it’s important to do things for yourself and taking care of your body as well as your mind makes practising self love that much more easier.


3. Netflix and Chill

Ok so to be honest this is probably an everyday occurrence for me, the Netflix and chill part anyway (without the innuendoes if you please). And who doesn’t love a good TV binge snuggled under the covers with plenty of snacks and drinks. But seeing as though it is Valentine’s Day I thought to myself, why not go that extra mile and really pamper myself.

So with this being said, grab a facemask ( I had some left over from Christmas my stocking so that’s me sorted), put on some comfy pyjamas, make your beverage of choice and complete the scene with a movie or TV show of your choice

Top Tip: you know how it is spending way too long scrolling through Netflix trying the choose something to watch that matches your mood, so it’s better to know what you’re going to watch before you settle down for the day/night. This will save loads of time and inner struggle deciding between the countless options offered.


4. Girls night

Spending time with your friends will guarantee to take your mind off any stresses and help you have a good time. Even if it is a quiet night in, being around people you care about and who are about you goes a long way in improving your mental health and making you feel good about yourself in general. Friends never fail to lift you up, even when you don’t realise you need them to!

Read my post on a cocktail making class for an idea for a night out with friends.

Sharing a bottle of wine and enjoying laughter, is to me a perfect way to show yourself some self love as it means you are taking time for yourself and enjoying the company of those closest to you. So gather your single friends and have fun together this Valentine’s Day.



So take the opportunity afforded by this over commercialised day to really focus on yourself and celebrate self love. With all of this in mind, you don’t need to feel pressure to do something extravagant and special because all these marketers tell us to. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you can still take the time to practise some self love. Leave me alone to Netflix and chill with a glass of wine and facemask and I’ll be content. Even if I’m only staying in and having a relaxed night, spending a bit of me time sounds like the perfect form of self love.


Although Valentine’s Day is the catalyst for this post, I believe that self love should not be restricted to this one day and instead should be practised on a daily basis. We need to be able to take the time out of our busy everyday life to focus on ourselves and better our own mental wellbeing. It just so happens that this Valentine’s Day is the day I start my own journey of self love. When will you start yours?


What is self love to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts, let me know in the comments!


17 thoughts on “A Self Love Valentine’s Day

  1. I think I share the same understanding of self love as you! I particularly like your tip related to netflix. I am soooo bad at trying to find something to watch then getting frustrated when I can’t choose 🙂 Your thing about painting your nails makes me feel more determined to try and grow out my nails 🙂
    Laura / https://www.laustworld.com/

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