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So I’ve just reached my biggest milestone yet…1000 followers on Twitter! Plus I’ve now got over 200 of you following Simply Chloe Blog!

It’s funny how it’s the little things that make you happy, well not so little seeing as there’s hundreds of you now! Despite only starting blogging at the end of October 2018, I feel like I’ve accomplished a fair amount up to now. So seeing as though there are so many of you now, I thought why not do a little Q&A as a way of re-introducing myself to any new readers and allow my long time readers the chance to get to know me better. These are all questions from people on Twitter, I was so surprised at how many I was sent but I’ve done my best to answer them all.
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What motivates you to write?


I kind of touched on this in my transitioning from student to career woman post, but mainly it was after I rediscovered my love for writing that I realised just how much I enjoyed putting my words down on paper and creating a piece of text purely for my own pleasure, rather then because it was something I had to do for uni or work. Having the freedom to write whatever I want really is the main thing that motivates me as it means I have no limitations to what type of content I am able to create.


Favourite food you like cooking?

It’s a tie between lasagne and pizza. I like Italian food ok? I make the dough for the pizza myself and it is ah-may-zing.


What advice would you give new bloggers in dealing with the stress of blog writing and producing new content?


I’d say don’t overthink it. I was guilty of this myself when I first started. After reading so many posts on how important it is to keep to a strict posting schedule I stressed myself out so much I’d panic and get anxious if I couldn’t think of content to write and would sometimes post something that looking back, I wouldn’t post if I could do it all over again.  But I’ve learnt that keeping a rigid schedule isn’t that important when you’re first starting out, as long as you are enjoying what you’re writing then that’s the main thing that matters.

Not going to lie, you’ll still feel the stress of producing new content if your blog is important to you. You want it to be good and for people to enjoy what they’re reading, but I guarantee they’ll enjoy it more if it shows how passionate you are and enjoy what it is you are writing about.


If you could only read books by one author for the rest of your life, which author would it be?


As any book lover knows, this is such a hard question because I read books by so many different authors all the time! There are a good few I like to go back to again and again because I love their writing style and characters so much. But Kristen Ashley is an author who I have been following for a good few years and so far I’ve never missed one of her books. Luckily she writes in different genres so I’d have a variety to choose from!


Do you blog and have a full time job or go to school? If so, how do you manage your time to allow time for blogging?


I have a full time job which I admit, makes it difficult sometimes to find the time for my blog. It’s definitely been a learning curve and there have been times where it’s a last minute rush to put the finishing touches to my post the night before it gets published. But I enjoy writing and find the time to write a few things when I’m at work or I’ll do it at night in bed. But the majority of my blogging gets done on the weekends during a lazy day when I have the time to write for as long as I like.


What’s your current biggest challenge with blogging? What do you do with your life if you’re not blogging?


Design, no question. I can write all day but when it comes to design, I’m stumped. I’ve mentioned before in my blogging goals post how I hope to improve my blog layout and design, but it’s easier said than done!

As if I have a life other than work or blogging (insert laughing emoji here). My life’s pretty boring really, if I’m not blogging or at work I’m with my friends, watching Netflix, cooking in the kitchen (don’t get too excited, I’m no chef) or at the gym. Yep, I’m a gym person now, well I’m giving it a go anyway. We’ll see how long it lasts…


What’s your favourite thing about having a blog? And what’s your favourite post on your blog?


My favourite thing about having a blog has to be being apart of the blogging community. I love relating to others and having a group of people who are so friendly and supporting and who I get to support in return. It wasn’t something I knew about going into blogging but I’m definitely to be included in it now.

As for my favourite post, it has to be my blogging goals. Just because it was so much fun to think about where it was I wanted to take my blog in the future. Especially thinking about milestones, every time I reach one I get excited and feel so proud of myself for accomplishing something to do with my blog, no matter how small.


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Who was the first person you knew who started following your blog, even though you hadn’t told them about it, and what did you think when you found out?


God this one is a thinker. It was my neighbour and friend. I remember briefly telling her I was thinking about starting a blog but never actually said anything when I actually started. It was my mum who told her and after that she started following my blog and twitter account.

At first when I realised she was following me I felt a bit self conscious because no one other than my immediate family knew and I feel like my blogs a pretty personal thing so I was nervous about what she would think about it all. But she’s probably one of my number one fans along with my mum and dad! It’s lovely as she texts me on the odd occasion with advice (she’s in marketing) and praise which really helps to boost my confidence.


Where do you get your ideas to write?


My ideas come from every aspect of my life, if I experience something different that I think people can relate to or read a book I enjoy it influences me to share my thoughts. They also come from reading other bloggers work and different posts that spark an interest or inspire an idea.


Odd socks yes or no?


Random question but I like it! No. I mean I don’t have anything against odd socks but I try to get mine to match.


It is always hard to put yourself out there. What made you feel that you want to put your thoughts out in the world through your blog?


Tough question. Well it took awhile for me to make the decision to start a blog and some more time for me to actually do it. I was really self conscious of what others would think about my blog and my writing, if they’d like it or not care at all.  Finally I came to the realisation that I wasn’t doing this to please other people, this was something I wanted to do for myself. So I sort of talked myself into it instead of out of it for a change.


What book would you recommend to anyone to read?


I’ve read so many it’s hard to think of just one!

But I feel like Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout is a good rounded book that will appeal to a lot of people. I mean there’s Greek gods, action, strong characters, romance, plot twists, cliffhangers, fantasy… what more could you ask for in a book?


Why do you blog? What do you hope to accomplish by blogging? How do you plan out your blog posts or do you wing it?


  1. I’ve always loved to write but I’ve never really taken the time to write for myself or about stuff that interests me. Becoming a blogger was honestly the best thing I’ve done in a long time because it gives me the freedom to write what I want and share it with you all.
  2. At first I hoped to use blogging as something to put onto my CV to show potential employers my outside interests and how serious I am about writing. But over time it’s become more than that and now I hope to be able to make something out of my blog and for it to be a place that people enjoy visiting.
  3. A bit of both. I try to plan out my posts and sometimes I have plenty of ideas so I can easily plan out my scheduling’s. But you know how it is, I’ll be in work and an idea will pop into my head that I love and then I’ll write that instead and completely ignore any plan I previously had.


If you were a cake, what flavour would you be?


Lemon. I use to work in a restaurant where they had this gorgeous lemon drizzle cake that was incredible.


Thanks for all your questions, I had loads of fun answering them all! I hope you all enjoyed my answers and got to know me a little better.

If anyone has anymore questions for me, feel free to put them in the comments below!


16 thoughts on “Q&A With Chloe: Ask Me Anything

  1. Nice post! As a new blogger who started about a month ago, I relate to everything you write in this post. I also love being able to express whatever is on my mind,m and being part of a community. I have also heard about the pressure of sticking to a strict schedule. It was good to hear your thoughts in retrospect. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. This was so fun to read! Thank you for including my question, that’s pretty much me if I’m not blogging either! Gym person?! Giiirl I can only hope to get myself to that point! Putting the blog on your CV is really a smart idea! there’s so many aspects of blogging that I have trouble with and design is definitely still something I am learning. We will learn together! Also I should have said this first but congratulations on reaching a thousand as well as having 200 subscribers to your blog! 😊🥰

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

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  3. I love this, particularly the random questions about socks and cakes! Congratulations on all your achievements so far. It’s no mean feat working full time and writing a blog (I know, I do it too!) I love books too so I will check out your author and book recommendations. x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations Chloe, your blog is doing amazingly well! I always enjoy stopping by and reading your posts. This is such a fun Q&A and that is such great advice for new bloggers, I agree as long as you are enjoying it that is all that matters 🙂 Also, yum, homemade pizza sounds so nice! Thanks for sharing lovely and well done on all your fantastic achievements so far! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congrats on 1,000 twitter followers! Loved reading this post, I feel like I got to know you a little bit better! And thanks for answering my question, I’ve never heard of Kristen Ashley but I’ll definitely check her out! x

    Liked by 1 person

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