6 Ways To Make Time For Blogging


Blogging isn’t just writing content for your site, it’s the endless social media promotions, image content and ideas that go into it. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and you can get caught up in it all. If you have a full time job or family then it’s even harder to manage your time to make room for the blogging part of your life. This is something I myself have found to be particularly difficult lately. So I’ve come up with a few ways that might help you manage your time and make life that much easier.


6 wys to make time for blogging, blogging tips


1. Notes

By now you’ll have probably realised that inspiration can hit you at any time of the day or night, so making sure you find a way to write those ideas down before you forget is pretty important. For example, when I’m in work and suddenly get a wave of ideas for future blog posts I immediately get out my phone and either make myself a reminder of them or put them into my notes. This makes it easier for me to write them up fully when I get home or helps to jog my memory if I’ve forgotten about them after a long day (which happens more often than you’d think!).


2. Time during the day

Depending on what your schedule is like, carve out some time to work on your blog during the day. It only has to be a quick hour or even a couple of minutes throughout the day, but finding time to write a few tweets, take some pictures or jot down a few post ideas will help you to stay organised and well prepared for when you decide to schedule your next blog post. I find that after I finish writing a post, I immediately write out my promotional tweet in my phone notes so that it’s ready to be sent out at the same time as my post gets published onto my blog. This just helps to make me feel more organised and takes any stress out of posting.


3. Weekends

Similar to the above suggestion, use your free time during the weekend to work on any blog related tasks you need to do. It doesn’t have to be all day, just a few hours during the day or at night when you are relaxed and roaming the internet. Or if you decide to travel somewhere during this time then make sure to take some pictures of your day out, these can be used for many things like as apart of your next blog post and of course on Instagram. The day I usually do the majority of my blogging is Sunday as it’s my day to chill out and take my time with things before the work week starts all over again.


4. Reading

If you’re a book blogger, then make time throughout the day to read a few chapters of a book. If you’re like me and already do this then great, your jobs already halfway done. But a helpful tip and one I’ve picked up on since I started reviewing books is to make notes of your thoughts and feelings surrounding your latest read as you go. This makes it so much easier when it comes to writing your review as you already have a sort of cheat sheet on what you were thinking when reading certain parts of the book. In doing this, it saves you loads of time writing your post so you can move on to other things you need to do.

Read my reviews on Archangels Prophecy, Next To Never, The Cruel Prince, Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Days of Blood and Starlight.


5. Social media

It is so important that you interact on social media platforms as this is where you are most likely to get the majority of traffic to your blog. Making friends is only one aspect of social media, by being present and active it brings more awareness to your blog and helps promote any new blog posts you have. By communicating with other bloggers and your followers you are putting a face to your blog and immersing yourself into the blogging community, where you have the opportunity to learn so much from other bloggers. It’s also a great way to establish that connection with your readers and once your post is live there will be people waiting to read it.

Read my post on things I didn’t know before I started blogging here.

6. Plan

Why not use a planner or bullet journal to remind yourself when to make time or when to take pictures, create posts etc. This is a great tip for those of you that are a big fan of writing things down and keeping a physical place for your written notes. There’s a big hype around bullet journals which are perfect for anyone creative enough to design their own day planner layout. These can be useful to set yourselves reminders, plan out your week and make time for any blog activity. Especially if you are at school and have a class schedule, you can also integrate a time during the week for your blog so that it makes it easier to balance the workload.


Although this whole post is about making time for blogging, you also have to remember to make time for yourself as well so your mental health and self love isn’t jeopardised with the stress of trying to fit everything into your busy schedule. So I hope that this post gives you some helpful tips and ideas on how to make time for blogging and takes away any stress you have trying to balance your work/home and blog life!


How do you find time for blogging? Are these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments!


34 thoughts on “6 Ways To Make Time For Blogging

  1. These are all really useful tips Chloe, it is so hard to make time to fit in everything you want to achieve in a day. We are always wanting to do more and more and we force ourselves into a corner with it. These tips really help break that down and allow us to find ways in which we can do what we love without it causing us stress or upset. I can’t wait to try a few out!
    Alex x

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  2. This is a great post! It can be so difficult to make time to properly invest in your blog – especially when working full-time! Like you, I try to pop on twitter or read a quick chapter whenever I have any down time 😊

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  3. Great tips 🙂 I will definitely use them. I’m a bit old fashioned, so maybe I will carry a small journal in my pocket and write down the ideas there. I find inspiration in the oddest places and feel like I need to write it down right away. I only wonder if there’s a water proof journal I can use when ideas pop-up in the shower hahahahaahaha.

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  4. Really handy tips here! It’s very difficult to keep on top of everything and it definitely requires planning ahead. I like the idea of when you travel somewhere to take photos, I literally never do this and I suck at it. So I’m going to start doing this more. Thanks so much for sharing xx

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  5. These are some really good tips. I have downloaded the WordPress app on my phone so I can literally start a draft post whenever inspiration strikes, and then finish writing it up properly once I can get to my computer.

    I also made it my schedule to post every Sunday because I know that worst case even if I have a super busy week at work I then have time on the weekend to get my post up!

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  6. I aaaaaaalways feel like there are never enough hours in the day, there’s just always something else to do and my blogging has definitely taken a backseat over the past couple of weeks. These are some really great tips here, Chloe, definitely going to try and put them to use. Thanks for sharing! x

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  7. This is a great tip. Blogging can be overwhelming sometimes ESO when you write great contents and you are not getting enough traffic as you want . thanks for the tip. I’m trying to socialize more and make new bloggers friends

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    1. You’re welcome! Blogging friends are great supporters and so friendly so you should have no problem making some 😊 x


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