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So I’ve mentioned in the past how my skin care regime isn’t exactly a refined skill of mine, in fact it’s pretty much non-existent most of the time. Occasionally I’ll slap on some moisturiser and be done with it, but even then it’s a toss-up over whether or not I’ll make the effort to do anything at all before I go to bed.

I’ve seen many blog posts on beauty and skin care, complete with recommendations and reviews, but to be honest they’re for the most part too expensive or come as a package deal, you know when you only want one but they’re marketed to be bought as a set? I feel like I’d be wasting my money on stuff I’ll hardly ever use.

Everyday skin care regime blog

But recently some life struggles have meant my stress levels have been higher than ever and as a consequence, it’s taken its toll on my skin. Dry, spotty, patchy, you name it. Each morning I wake up and something else has manifested on my poor face. As annoying as this is, it pushed me to experiment a little and try new products to help ease my skin troubles. It’s been a bit hit and miss as it tends to be when trying new products, not everything is suited to everyone, so I thought I’d share my experiences with you all.

Just know, this post is not an ad and each product has been chosen and paid for by myself.


Garnier pure active

Scrubs & Exfoliators

Garnier Pure Active | Daily Exfoliating Scrub

This was the first product I got, mainly because it was on offer at Tesco for £2.50 (I’m cheap, I know). Other than the price, another reason it appealed to me was because it said that it was an exfoliating scrub for spots and blackheads. And seeing as though the amount of spot issues I was experiencing were growing, I decided to give it a go.

It has a smooth texture with blue sand-like grains that I’m guessing are what exfoliate your skin and scrub away any dirt you’ve collected throughout the day. I started using this product at night before going to bed and it always left my face feeling thoroughly cleaned and fresh. Although it was only on my face for literally a minute before being washed away, it gave my skin a tingly sensation that I wasn’t expecting but weirdly enjoyed. It made me feel as though it was literally scrubbing the day away from my skin.

This product kept my skin clear and smooth for a week or so, but after that I noticed spots and blemishes reappearing so I switched strategies.


Skin regime

Clean & Clear | Deep Action

Next I found this cream wash from Clean & Clear, again it was only £3 from Tesco so it didn’t burn a hole in my purse. The texture of this serum was much smoother and whiter in colour than the Garnier product, no hard grains in sight. It says it’s a deep action face wash that ‘cleans deep down to help prevent spots from first use’. And although it worked to calm my skin and smooth any dry and flaky patches, it didn’t do too much in preventing or getting rid of any spots. Either way I quickly decided to move on and look elsewhere for help. So, onto the next.


Face exfoliating scrub

Nivea | Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

This is a relatively new product that I’m trying- the latest of my purchases, I got it around a month ago and have been using it as part of my new nightly face wash regime.

The texture is unlike either of the previous two products I’ve tried, it’s more of a clear gel-like texture with small, firm grains contained within the gel. Like the others, I apply it to my face avoiding the lips and eye area as the product instructs, I’ve noticed that as I rub it into my skin it creates a foamy layer. I’ve gathered that this is what happens when the gel in combined with damp skin. As the bottle claims, it feels gentle on my face when applied and still gives me that fresh feeling when it’s washed off. I’ve also noticed that it seems to have calmed down my spots quite a bit, and whilst it hasn’t gotten rid of them completely they’re a lot less angry looking.

This product is still in the trial stages, but so far so good!




Nivea | Soft Moisturising Cream

I’ve always had dry skin, to be honest I can’t remember a time when I haven’t. And although it doesn’t always bother me, when I see flaky skin after finishing putting on my make-up I’ll admit to feeling a little annoyed. My mum got me this moisturiser ages ago and while I try to use it whenever I can, I tend to forget or am too lazy to get out of bed to apply it. Oops…

Thing is sometimes I feel like moisturiser can feel slimy on my skin and it stays wet for ages once applied. I know that the whole point is to put moisture back into your skin but sometimes the feeling gives me the shivers, strange I know.  My own weird issues notwithstanding, this has become a trusty friend when my dry skin becomes too much and gets out of hand. It comes in a narrow squeezy bottle but lasts for ages (if you aren’t drowning your face in it every day that is), I’ve had mine since last Christmas and it’s still going strong! My mum told me that it cost minimum £1.50 for the 75ml bottle in some stores, so well within budget.


Night cream moisturiser

Nivea Daily Essentials | Regenerating Night Cream

Another fairly new product, I got this while shopping with my sister and mum a few months ago, it was around £4 from Superdrug and sort of a spontaneous buy.

I’ve never tried night cream before so I didn’t know what to expect. Turns out I’ve been missing out massively! It has a slightly thick, creamy white texture so a little really does go a long way when applying. I use a small amount on my finger and that manages to cover my whole face and upper neck area. Unlike the above moisturiser it doesn’t feel too wet or at all slimy and I have no trouble wearing it when I go to bed. What I like the best though is that in the morning my face feels clean, smooth and refreshed. Better yet, my makeup goes onto my face much easier when I’m not tackling dry skin.

I’d definitely recommend!

Nivea Lip Balm


Nivea |Soft Rose Lip Balm

The final product in my skin care regime. Along with dry skin, dry lips usually follow. As I have quite full lips they get chapped pretty frequently, sometimes I go to sleep fine and wake up with cracked lips. Not fun or pretty. I’ve tried a lot of lip balm over the years from Carmex to cheap supermarket products, but I’ve finally found one that works a treat.

For under £2 it’s an everyday steal. I’ve tried both the soft pink and original tubes, but the clear original is a favourite of mine. Although the pink works the same, it leaves a slight pinkish sheen to your lips that I’m not always a fan of. Whereas the clear simply hydrates your lips and soothes any sore dryness. But what I like the most is that is lasts a lot longer than any other lip balm I’ve come across. I’d say a good few hours at least it can still be felt on your lips, after that they’re still smooth throughout the day. I tend to apply in the morning before I go to work, that way I don’t have to worry about any issues during my day.


So far some of these products have worked more than others and I’m still on the lookout to try new ones that will work with my skin. While the more expensive products are highly tested and validated with better marketing, it’s a personal choice of mine to go for the more affordable brand. After all, sometimes expensive doesn’t always mean better!


What do you use for your skin regime? Any recommendations? I’d love to hear from you!


25 thoughts on “Affordable & Easy Everyday Skin Care Regime

  1. I love Nivea products – they are just so creamy and moisturising and work a treat on sensitive skin. It’s definately up there in my nighttime routine.

    I’ve got to try the chapstick – it’s almost winter in Australia and my lips are getting quite dry! Good to know it’s really affordable 🙂

    Thanks for the review – awesome job!

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  2. I have a real love hate relationship with my skin, sometimes it’s great and others it’s terrible. I love using high street skincare and I’ve found some really great products that don’t break the bank. I’ll be checking out that exfoliator! X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nivea is such a great brand, everything is so affordable and great quality! I have tried the moisturiser and thought it did a really good job. I’m yet to try the scrub and night cream, but they sound fab, I’ll have to pick those up next time I’m shopping. Thanks for sharing your recommendations Chloe, this has really inspired me to get into a proper daily skincare routine, I haven’t been great at remembering lately. Fab post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 😊 Nivea is great, I didn’t realise how many products I had until I started to write this post! Thanks for commenting x


      1. Thanks! Everyone’s skin is different, you just need to experiment and find the right products for you x


  4. Thank you for sharing these! I’ve been having similar issues with my skin. Stress is not doing it any good and I keep having really dry patches everywhere but a very oily t-zone… So annoying, especially when you don’t really know much about skincare :”) I’ve been using some products by the Ordinary and I’ve really enjoyed them – but gonna have a look into the ones you mentioned as they’re definitely very affordable 🙂 Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I haven’t tried anything by the Ordinary, I’ll have to look some up. Thanks for commenting 😊 x


  5. I am the same way about moisturisers! Especially hand creams – I recently actually allowed myself to throw away a tube of hand cream that felt tacky to me whenever I used it and I hated how it felt on my skin!

    So, I’m not great at skincare but I do use a wash or scrub in the shower a couple of times a week. My favourite brand is sanctuary spa which is a lot more pricey (around £12) but it’s been over a year and I’ve still not finished the scrub and I’m not even half way through the wash.

    I use Simple anti-blemish moisturiser when I remember but I still get hormonal spots 🙂

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    1. That’s great that it’s lasted so long, I’ll have to check it out 😊 Simple is a good brand too, I use their make up wipes but haven’t tried their moisturiser yet x

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  6. I love that the products you use are so affordable and work just as well, if not better than the more expensive ones! I’m definitely going to try that night cream. I’ve been looking for one, but apparently in the wrong places. 😀

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  7. Thanks for sharing! I have terrible problems with spots and have yet to find a routine that works for me. I do love the Nivea moisturiser though for a quick fix (and it’s also great to use on hands too!). After reading this I think I’m definitely going to give the night cream and the Nivea face wash a try! 🙂 x

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