20 Things I’d Like to do in 2020

Now I know I’m not likely to get through all these in the same year, but I think it’s nice to have some goals or a little wish list to start the year off right. It helps to make it really feel like a fresh slate- at least for me it does.

Especially as I’ve let my blogging activity slip since starting my new job in the middle of 2019, it’s nice to begin a new year with a new blog post and fresh mindset.

20 Things I'd Like to do in 2020 by Simply Chloe

1. Get back into healthy eating

I started this maybe 2 years ago and it really helped to put me in a great mindset and improved both my mental and physical health.

See my posts Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle and Food for a Healthy Lifestyle.

2. Learn something new

It’s scary putting yourself out there but I feel like that by learning something new, maybe going to a class or workshop, will help to take me out of my comfort zone and improve my confidence in general.

3. Visit somewhere new

Specifically, a whole other country to what I’ve been to before. I went to Poland for the first time in November and it reminded me that there are whole other cultures that I’ve never experienced, and I’d love to discover more.

See my Packing Essentials for Rome and my Top Tips & Places to Visit in Rome.

4. Further my career

Grow in my position at work and begin to make my own way up the career ladder in my chosen industry.

If you’re looking for a little career advice, read my post Ways to Survive When Job Searching. This definitely came in handy for me early last year.

5. Save enough to begin looking at houses later in the year


6. Improve my cooking skills and learn new recipes

Since I’ve discovered a love for cooking, cookbooks are my new best friend. Trying new meals that I’ve cooked myself is so satisfying.

7. Begin a gym/fitness programme

I go to the gym, but I’m still self-conscious when it comes to fitness knowledge and my lack of, so starting a programme and asking for help is quite daunting.

8. Subscribe to more author newsletters

I already subscribe to my 2 favourite authors and it makes this little bookworms’ heart so happy when I receive updates and free short stories every month. So, I’d love to get myself on more subscription lists.

9. Improve the quality of my blog

I’ve been saying this for some time now and always find some excuse as to not sit down and make a start. But this year I really want to find time to continue with my blog and be proud of what I’ve done.

10. Get on depop

I need to sell some of the things I no longer use or books I no longer read. It’s better than having them sat gathering dust in my room.

11. Go on holiday with uni friends

We haven’t been away together in 2 years now due to conflicting schedules, so I’m determined to make this year different!

12. Make more time for publishing blog posts

I have so many posts I’ve written but not published, it’s crazy!

13. Get better at make-up damnit!

Begin watching YouTube tutorials on applying makeup the right way so that I can build my confidence when it comes to doing my everyday makeup (which hasn’t changed since high school!)

14. Finally get that tattoo I’ve always said I’d get but never have

First step, find a decent local tattoo artist.

15. Get back into swimming

I use to love to swim and was even on a swim team at one point. In 2020 I want to be able to go to my local leisure centre and do some laps each week as a part of my healthy routine.

16. Be more adventurous in everyday life

Try not to tie myself into a set routine of work and homelife, do new things and go away on mini breaks with friends.

17. Let go of any internal negativity

Any doubts I have about my own capabilities or confidence issues, face them and then let them go. This will be a big one for me and hopefully one I can complete.

18. Practise more self-care

It might mean little things like taking care of my skin more or making time to read, basically do the things that make me happy. Whatever it is, it all adds up.

Check out my Affordable & Easy Everyday Skin Care Regime.

19. FINALLY go on a spa day

I’m currently planning one with my mum and sisters so hopefully it happens, and I get to go and be pampered for a day. Bliss.

20. Continue writing the book/novella I started toward the end of 2018

Like all things, life got in the way and starting a new job really took my focus from a few things, including writing.


What are some of the things you’d like to do in 2020? Let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “20 Things I’d Like to do in 2020

  1. Great to have goals. Similarly I’ve rejoined the gym, which happens to be a spa, so iboth gym and swim there. I also looked at Depop for the first time but I my got as far as opening an account. Am adding a new string to my careers bow, am training to be a Celebrant. Still trying to figure out what to do about my blog let’s hope both of us stuck with some of our goals. Here’s to 2020

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