My Amsterdam Food Diary

Disclosure: I wrote this post last year and have only just found it in my documents, I contemplated rewriting it but I loved the memories it brought back and Amsterdam was such a good trip I didn’t want to take anything away from it! So here you go, a throwback to 2019…

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I recently travelled to Amsterdam for a few days. It was a spur of the moment booking and I’m so glad we did it because it was just what I needed at that time with all the craziness going on in my life- for those of you who don’t know, job hunting us hard.

I planned to write a post on all the places I visited when I was there but honestly it was the food that stole the show for me.

I am a proud foodie and a massive believer in enjoying yourself to the fullest anytime you are away. That means no worrying about any health kicks, stresses or other life issues. So here we are, all the things food-related that I enjoyed during my time in Amsterdam.

My Amsterdam Food Diary blog post


Breakfast- if I could have pancakes everyday I would.

This place is one I found on Instagram and was dying to go to ever since, luckily enough we were literally staying only streets away!

Pancakes at Ree7 in Amsterdam

Located on a cute side street, it’s one of those ones you’d miss if you didn’t know it was there.

Walking in we could see all the cakes on display and the staff were really friendly. Because it was breakfast we both decided to go for the pancakes. My sister went for the American variation and I had the red velvet pancakes with fresh fruit and drizzled in white chocolate. (!!)

All in all they were the best pancakes I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot), they seriously tasted amazing and were presented so attractively.

(If you want to see their page on Instagram it’s @ree7amsterdam, just look at their milkshakes!)

Chocolate croissant in Amsterdam


Oh my lord. The smell coming from the bakeries on every street made me drool.

Cakes, pastries, waffles and other baked goods all lined up, a foodies dream.

As a quick breakfast one day we had a chocolate croissant warmed up for us with chocolate pieces melted on top, absolute heaven.


Dutch pancakes

Lunchcafe Dialoog (next to Anne Frank’s House)

On the first day when walking past Anne Frank’s House we spotted this little restaurant you had to go down some steps to get into. It was lovely and cosy, I ordered a hot chocolate and mini dutch pancakes with icing sugar. My all time favourite breakfast food is pancakes, so you can say I was excited to be in the country that branded the Dutch pancakes.

Safe to say it is going to be hard trying to get back into a healthy lifestyle!


Stroopwafels in Aamsterdam

Van Wonderen

Famous for their creative toppings on freshly made Stroopwafels.

I first tried these a few years ago at the Manchester Christmas Markets and fell in lust big time. I happened to come across van Wonderen on Instagram thanks to a post by one of the travel bloggers I follow and it did not disappoint. I had two in total whilst I was there, one with a Skopskelt topping which is essentially crushed peanuts and caramel, as well as a salted caramel topping.

Van Wonderen in Amsterdam

My favourite was the peanuts and caramel because they had this amazing crunchy texture and the mix of caramel and cinnamon was sooo good!

If you want more of a look at these amazing creations, see their Instagram @vanwonderenstroopwafels


Chocolate covered Churros

Rene Churros

Before going to Amsterdam I had never tried true Churros before, you know the ones that are fried instead of simply heated up?

Everyone told me to try them and my sister (who I travelled with) had tried them the last time she came, so we went back to the place she got hers from. I went for my favourite white chocolate as a topping. Not going to lie this was a bit much because the woman literally drenched them in white chocolate so I ended up throwing half away because they got too sickly. 

But the ones I did try were crunchy on the outside with soft warm dough on the inside and drizzled in sweet white chocolate. Yum.

Enjoying chocolate Churros



Strangely we found loads of Italian restaurants over there, every street had one. So it’s no wonder we had two Italian meals during our three night stay.

The pizzas there are so nice which is good because they’ve been my favourite food ever since I can remember!

As well as a traditional margarita pizza I also had a meat calzone (obvs not at the same time). The calzone was definitely different to what I’m use to back home, when the menu said meat and herb, silly me assumed it would be mixed in with a tomato sauce but it wasn’t. It still tasted good, especially because it was served with a delicious garlic and herb dip.


Are you a foodie too? Does any of this sound like food you’d try? Let me know in the comments!

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